A part in your Nissan 240sx engine called a distributor is in control of transferring strong currents of electric energy to the spark plugs from the ignition coil. One among the distributor's components is a distributor rotor, a revolving shaft that moves near contact points where the great voltage allows the electricity to leap the little gap. The main work of the Nissan 240sx distributor is to schedule the firing of spark plugs, perfecting the ignition procedure in the car.

The distributor rotor of your Nissan 240sx has to always be kept in great shape to avoid bad timing in ignition. With a malfunctioning rotor and wrong interval of ignition in your Nissan 240sx, vehicle capabilities may diminish and gas is squandered. For right maintenance, conduct routine checks and tune-up of the engine sections, including the distributor rotor, to discover and resolve issues ahead of time. When you invest in a great distributor rotor for your Nissan 240sx, you will receive the greatest value-for-money thanks to improved sturdiness and gas economy.

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