So you can fire up your automotive engine and keep your car functioning at its best, high voltage of electricity generated by the ignition system is necessary—through the distributor rotor of your Mercedes Benz E420, electricity is transmitted to the ignition plugs. The Mercedes Benz E420 distributor rotor helps deliver ignition at the preferred time. With no perfectly working rotor that maintains a steady stream of electric current, you'll have to be ready for terrible ignition efficiency that may cause serious complications on your automobile.

Because this ignition part transports high electric current all the time, the distributor rotor of your Mercedes Benz E420 can come apart at some point. A faulty Mercedes Benz E420 distributor rotor will result from the rotor's contact with extreme heat and road conditions, which cause stress on the engine. Take time to examine the distributor rotor for whatever sign of damage during checkups or after you meet a certain number of miles or service years. Do not allow a rusty distributor rotor to set off inconvenient ignition problems—install a snug-fit replacement to match your Mercedes Benz E420.

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