In order to fire up your automobile engine and keep your car performing at its best, electrical power generated by the ignition system is essential—using the distributor rotor of your Mazda Protege, electricity is going to be transmitted to the ignition system plugs. The Mazda Protege distributor rotor provides spark and assures you of needed ignition timing. An excellent rotor is a must-have to deliver a electrical power for on-time ignition.

Because it transports electricity at all times, the distributor rotor of your Mazda Protege would come apart at some point. A damaged Mazda Protege distributor rotor may the effect of this component's exposure to intense temperature level and road conditions that cause stress on the automotive engine. Take time to check the distributor rotor for any kind of wear and tear during maintenance or after you meet a certain number of miles or service life. Never enable a rusty distributor rotor to trigger frustrating car ignition failure—look for a snug-fit stock replacement to match your Mazda Protege.

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