The Mazda Mpv distributor rotor's main role is to ensure that electrical power generated through the ignition system will be transported successfully to the spark plugs to fire up the engine and keep the car working. The Mazda Mpv distributor rotor helps deliver spark in perfect timing. With no perfectly working rotor that maintains a continuous supply of electrical power, you may have to suffer from poor ignition system performance that may lead to serious trouble on your motor vehicle.

As this component carries high electric current at all times, the distributor rotor of your Mazda Mpv would wear out eventually. When subjected to extreme heat and harsh road environment, the Mazda Mpv distributor rotor could get corroded or totally ruined. Remember to check the distributor rotor for any form of damage while performing repair and maintenance or after you meet a specific mileage point or years of service. Don't enable a rusty distributor rotor to set off complicated ignition system failure—install a direct-fit OE replacement for your Mazda Mpv.

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