The Mazda B2600 distributor rotor's purpose is to make sure that high voltage of electricity generated through the ignition system is going to be transferred easily to the plugs to start the automotive engine and keep the motor vehicle working. The Mazda B2600 distributor rotor transmits spark and assures you of needed timing for ignition. A good rotor is needed to transport a high electric current to ensure trouble-free ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Mazda B2600 will get damaged after a while because it would finally get burnt from the electrical power it transmits. A defective Mazda B2600 distributor rotor could be the result of this component's exposure to high temperatures and driving situations that cause tension on the engine. Take time to look at the distributor rotor for any sign of damage during checkups or after you reach a specified mileage point or years of service. Never enable a rusty distributor rotor to set off frustrating car ignition breakdown—have a reliable OE replacement to suit your Mazda B2600.

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