The Mazda distributor rotor's main role is to guarantee that electricity generated through the ignition system is going to be transmitted without delay to the spark plugs to start the automotive engine and keep the motor vehicle working. The Mazda distributor rotor delivers spark and guarantees needed timing for ignition. A handy rotor is a must-have to transport a high voltage of electricity for on-time ignition.

Since this ignition part deals with electricity at all times, the distributor rotor of your Mazda could get damaged eventually. When in contact with extreme heat and tough road conditions, the Mazda distributor rotor might be filled with rust or absolutely damaged. Take time to examine the distributor rotor for any sign of wear and tear while performing repair and maintenance or after a certain number of miles or service life. Do not allow a rusty distributor rotor to trigger inconvenient ignition breakdown—look for a snug-fit rotor to suit your Mazda .

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