In order to start your automotive engine and keep your vehicle performing at its best, electrical power generated by the ignition is essential—using the distributor rotor of your Lexus Ls400, electricity will be transported to the ignition plugs. The Lexus Ls400 distributor rotor helps deliver electrical power when needed. A handy rotor is a must-have to transfer a electrical power to guarantee efficient ignition.

Because this ignition part handles high voltage constantly, the distributor rotor of your Lexus Ls400 would break over time. A faulty Lexus Ls400 distributor rotor could result from the rotor's exposure to high heat and driving situations, which add tension on the automotive engine. Take time to inspect the distributor rotor for whatever form of damage while performing repair and maintenance or after you reach a specific mileage point or years of service. To protect against engine hesitation and many ignition failure on your Lexus Ls400, do something about a defective or rusty distributor rotor and get a new one if necessary.

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