In able to fire up your automobile engine and keep your ride working properly, high electric current generated by the ignition is required—through the distributor rotor of your Jeep Cj6, the high voltage is transmitted to the spark plugs. The Jeep Cj6 distributor rotor is responsible for delivering spark at the preferred time. A good rotor is required to deliver a electrical power to guarantee on-time ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Jeep Cj6 may go bust after some time since it could eventually get burned due to the high voltage it delivers. When left vulnerable to extreme heat and tough driving conditions, the Jeep Cj6 distributor rotor will get corroded or absolutely worn. Take time to inspect the distributor rotor for any sign of deterioration when performing tuneups or after you reach a specific mileage or years of service. Do not enable a rusty distributor rotor to cause difficult ignition system failure—install a reliable OE replacement to suit your Jeep Cj6.

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