The Jaguar Xj6 distributor rotor's purpose is to guarantee that high voltage of electricity generated through the ignition system is transported without delay to the spark plugs to crank up the automobile engine and keep the vehicle moving. The Jaguar Xj6 distributor rotor is responsible for delivering spark at the required time. Without a perfectly working rotor that handles a constant flow of electricity, you will have to be ready for poor car ignition efficiency that may cause lots of problems on your car.

The distributor rotor of your Jaguar Xj6 would go bust after a while since it can ultimately get overheated as a result of the electrical power the part carries. A defective Jaguar Xj6 distributor rotor might result from its vulnerability to intense temperatures and driving conditions that put tension on the car engine. Take time to look at the distributor rotor for any sign of damage during maintenance or after you meet a specific number of miles or years of service. In able to prevent backfires and other ignition failure on your Jaguar Xj6, do something about a defective or rusty distributor rotor and replace it if needed.

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