A part in your Isuzu Oasis powerplant named a distributor is responsible for transmitting high-voltage electricity to the spark plugs from the ignition coil. The distributor rotor is a part of the distributor that is moved by the camshaft and swivels to bring contact tips close to one another at intervals, permitting the electricity to pass through. The Isuzu Oasis distributor rotor is in control of the proper moment of igniting the spark plugs and establishing the pace for ignition in the motor.

The distributor rotor of your Isuzu Oasis must always be maintained in excellent state to reduce inappropriate intervals in ignition. Improper ignition timing can lead to decrease in motor performance and wasting of precious gas in your Isuzu Oasis. For correct upkeep, do routine checks and tune-up of the engine sections, such as the distributor rotor, to diagnose and remedy issues early. To get the most out of your money, you must put money into a great distributor rotor in your Isuzu Oasis to guarantee durability and outstanding fuel efficiency.

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