The Honda distributor rotor's main role is to guarantee that electrical power generated through ignition is going to be transmitted without delay to the ignition plugs to crank up the automotive engine and keep the motor vehicle running. The Honda distributor rotor delivers spark and achieves perfect timing for ignition. A decent rotor is required to transmit a high electric current for hassle-free ignition.

Because this component transmits high electric current constantly, the distributor rotor of your Honda could break eventually. A ruined Honda distributor rotor would the effect of this component's contact with intense temperatures and operating conditions that can put stress on the engine. It's certainly recommended that you examine the distributor rotor during routine repair and maintenance or right after every two years of use to know if it's in excellent shape. To avoid misfires and other ignition failure on your Honda , fix a defective or rust-covered distributor rotor and change the part if it's beyond repair.

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