The Geo Spectrum distributor rotor's main role is to ensure that high voltage of electricity from the ignition system is going to be transmitted efficiently to the spark plugs to fire up the engine and keep the motor vehicle running. The Geo Spectrum distributor rotor makes it possible to deliver spark in perfect timing. Without a fully functional rotor that sustains a steady supply of electricity, you may have to deal with terrible ignition system performance that'll bring about a lot of issues on your car.

The distributor rotor of your Geo Spectrum could wear out after some time since it would ultimately get overheated from the high voltage the part transmits. When exposed to extreme heat and rough driving situations, the Geo Spectrum distributor rotor may become rusty or absolutely damaged. It's surely suggested that you inspect the distributor rotor in case of scheduled repair and maintenance or right after every 24 months of use to know if it's in great condition. Never enable a rusty distributor rotor to trigger complicated car ignition problems—have a durable replacement to suit your Geo Spectrum.

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