To start your automotive engine and keep your car functioning at its best, high electric current from the ignition system is needed—through the distributor rotor of your Fiat Strada, the current is transmitted to the spark plugs. The Fiat Strada distributor rotor transmits spark and assures you of needed ignition timing. With no fully functional rotor that sustains a continuous supply of electric current, you may have to suffer from terrible car ignition efficiency that may bring about a lot of complications on your vehicle.

Because this ignition part carries electricity at all times, the distributor rotor of your Fiat Strada may break eventually. When in contact with intense heat and harsh driving conditions, the Fiat Strada distributor rotor may get corroded or completely worn. Don't forget to inspect the distributor rotor for any form of damage during repair and maintenance or after a certain number of miles or service life. In order to prevent backfires and other kinds of ignition problems on your Fiat Strada, fix a worn or rusty distributor rotor and replace it if necessary.

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