The Eagle Premier distributor rotor's purpose is to ensure that high electric current from the ignition system is transmitted successfully to the spark plugs to crank up the automobile engine and keep the car running. The Eagle Premier distributor rotor provides spark and achieves ideal ignition timing. If not for a perfectly working rotor that handles a continuous supply of electrical power, you will have to deal with terrible ignition performance that may lead to serious problems on your motor vehicle.

The distributor rotor of your Eagle Premier might get ruined after a while, as it may eventually get overheated as a result of the high voltage the part delivers. A ruined Eagle Premier distributor rotor could result from the rotor's exposure to high heat and operating situations that put tension on the engine. Don't forget to check the distributor rotor for any form of deterioration during maintenance or after a certain mileage point or years of service. Don't allow a rusty distributor rotor to cause complicated ignition system failure—look for a direct-fit rotor to match your Eagle Premier.

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