In able to fire up your automotive engine and keep your ride operating efficiently, high voltage of electricity coming from the ignition is needed—with help from the distributor rotor of your Chevrolet Suburban, the high voltage will be transmitted to the ignition plugs. The Chevrolet Suburban distributor rotor makes it possible to deliver spark when needed. If not for a high-performance rotor that maintains a continuous flow of electrical power, you may have to be ready for bad ignition outcome that'll bring about a lot of problems on your motor vehicle.

The distributor rotor of your Chevrolet Suburban could wear out over time since it can eventually get overheated from the high voltage the part transmits. Once in contact with extreme heat and harsh road situations, the Chevrolet Suburban distributor rotor can be filled with rust or completely ruined. It's surely suggested that you inspect the distributor rotor during routine tuneup or immediately after every a couple of years of use to know if it is in tiptop form. Do not enable a rusty distributor rotor to bring about complicated ignition failure—have a direct-fit OE replacement to match your Chevrolet Suburban.

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