In able to crank up your automotive engine and keep your car running properly, high electric current from the car's ignition is necessary—with help from the distributor rotor of your Chevrolet Biscayne, the high voltage is going to be transmitted to the ignition plugs. The Chevrolet Biscayne distributor rotor provides spark and assures you of needed timing for ignition. An excellent rotor is necessary to distribute a electrical power to guarantee on-time ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Chevrolet Biscayne might get ruined after some time since it would eventually get scorched from the high voltage it handles. A defective Chevrolet Biscayne distributor rotor might the effect of its exposure to extreme heat and operating conditions that cause stress on the car engine. It's absolutely advised that you examine the distributor rotor in case of scheduled checkup or after every two years of use to find out if it's in great condition. Do not enable a rusty distributor rotor to trigger complicated ignition problems—have a snug-fit OE replacement to suit your Chevrolet Biscayne.

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