The Buick Special distributor rotor's purpose is to guarantee that electrical power generated through ignition is going to be transported without delay to the spark plugs to crank up the engine and keep the car running. The Buick Special distributor rotor provides spark and assures you of required timing for ignition. A decent rotor is necessary to distribute a high electric current to guarantee efficient ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Buick Special can wear out over time because it will eventually get burned from the electrical power the part carries. When left vulnerable to high temperatures and tough driving conditions, the Buick Special distributor rotor can get corroded or absolutely ruined. Take time to look at the distributor rotor for any kind of damage during repair and maintenance or after you meet a specified number of miles or years of service. In order to protect against backfires and other ignition problems on your Buick Special, take care of a faulty or rusty distributor rotor and change the part if necessary.

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