To start your engine and keep your car running smoothly, electrical power from the ignition system is required—through the distributor rotor of your Buick Riviera, electricity is going to be transferred to the spark plugs. The Buick Riviera distributor rotor makes it possible to deliver electrical power at the right time. An excellent rotor is required to transport a electrical power to ensure hassle-free ignition.

The distributor rotor of your Buick Riviera might get ruined over time, as it will ultimately get burnt from the high voltage this ignition component delivers. If subjected to intense heat and tough operating situations, the Buick Riviera distributor rotor could become rusty or absolutely worn. It's certainly recommended that you take a look at the distributor rotor in case of routine checkup or immediately after every a couple of years of use to know if it is in excellent shape. In able to protect against backfires and other ignition trouble on your Buick Riviera, fix a defective or rust-covered distributor rotor and replace it if necessary.

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