The Buick Century distributor rotor's purpose is to make sure that electricity generated through car ignition is going to be transmitted efficiently to the plugs to fire up the automotive engine and keep the car running. The Buick Century distributor rotor provides spark and guarantees needed ignition timing. With no perfectly working rotor that keeps a continuous supply of electric current, you'll have to deal with poor car ignition results that'll cause lots of problems on your vehicle.

Since this ignition part handles electricity regularly, the distributor rotor of your Buick Century will get damaged eventually. A faulty Buick Century distributor rotor will be the result of its exposure to extreme heat and driving conditions, which cause tension on the automotive engine. Don't forget to look at the distributor rotor for any form of wear and tear while performing maintenance or after a specific mileage or service life. To prevent engine misfires and other kinds of ignition problems on your Buick Century, do something about a worn or corroded distributor rotor and replace it if necessary.

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