In order to fire up your engine and keep your ride working at its best, electrical power coming from the ignition is essential—using the distributor rotor of your Audi Quattro, the high voltage will be transferred to the spark plugs. The Audi Quattro distributor rotor delivers spark and assures you of needed timing to ignite spark plugs. A handy rotor is necessary to deliver a electrical power to ensure efficient ignition.

Because this component deals with high electric current constantly, the distributor rotor of your Audi Quattro could break eventually. When confronted with extreme heat and tough operating conditions, the Audi Quattro distributor rotor may get corroded or completely ruined. Don't forget to look at the distributor rotor for whatever sign of deterioration when performing checkups or after you reach a specific number of miles or service life. In able to prevent engine misfires and other ignition failure on your Audi Quattro, do something about a defective or corroded distributor rotor and change the part if needed.

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