To crank up your automobile engine and keep your car performing efficiently, electrical power coming from the ignition is necessary—with help from the distributor rotor of your Audi , electricity is directed to the ignition plugs. The Audi distributor rotor provides spark and guarantees perfect ignition timing. With no perfectly working rotor that maintains a constant flow of electric current, you'll have to be ready for terrible car ignition efficiency that will lead to serious issues on your automobile.

The distributor rotor of your Audi could get ruined after a while since it could finally get burnt from the electrical power it transmits. A ruined Audi distributor rotor can be the result of this component's contact with extreme heat and road conditions that can cause stress on the automotive engine. Take time to examine the distributor rotor for any kind of damage during maintenance or after you meet a specified mileage or service years. Never enable a rusty distributor rotor to set off inconvenient ignition trouble—install a reliable rotor to suit your Audi .

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