In able to crank up your automotive engine and keep your ride functioning at its best, high voltage of electricity generated by the ignition system is required—using the distributor rotor of your Acura Vigor, the high voltage is directed to the spark plugs. The Acura Vigor distributor rotor helps deliver spark when needed. If not for a fully functional rotor that keeps a constant stream of electricity, you'll have to deal with terrible car ignition results that will cause lots of issues on your automobile.

Since this component handles high voltage at all times, the distributor rotor of your Acura Vigor would get damaged over time. A defective Acura Vigor distributor rotor might be the result of its vulnerability to extreme heat and operating conditions that put stress on the engine. Don't forget to check the distributor rotor for whatever form of wear and tear during repair and maintenance or after you reach a certain mileage point or years of service. Never enable a rusty distributor rotor to bring about difficult ignition system breakdown—install a snug-fit OE replacement for your Acura Vigor.

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