Car Distributor Rotors

Whatever's the make or model of your car, it needs a good distributor rotor to ensure that the engine will work. Located at the upper edge of your car's distributor, this component delivers high-voltage electricity throughout the engine systems to start up the engine. With proper maintenance, you can actually extend the shelf life of the rotor. Once this part gets damaged beyond repair, however, you must immediately find a replacement to prevent any ignition problems in the future.

Basically, a car distributor rotor is responsible for distributing high-voltage electricity to the towers of the distributor cap. It is fastened by screws into the plate located on top of the distributor shaft. With built-in locators, the holes in the plate enable the rotor to maintain alignment so that it can fit without any problems. Driven by the camshaft, the rotor is able to facilitate spark timing advance that improves the efficiency of the ignition operations.

Once the ignition system is activated, a number of engine mechanisms are put to work so that the voltage from the battery can be multiplied. A car distributor rotor spins within the distributor so that the current in the ignition coil jumps the gaps so that the engine can be started. Since rotors have conductivity inserts, they're able to conduct electricity efficiently.

Since rotors need to deal with extreme engine conditions, it's important that they're made of durable and dependable materials. Usually, distributor rotors are designed to have superior protection against cross-firing and arcing that result from the high-voltage electricity that is generated all the time. Aside from that, they're also equipped with high-conductivity features for hotter spark. For proper maintenance of the rotor on the other hand, it is recommended that you perform tune-up every two years to ensure efficiency.

You have to remember that putting up with a bad distributor rotor can result in stumbling and resistance when accelerating. That's because quick ignition optimizes fuel consumption, and it's crucial that you keep your car's rotor in excellent condition. Investing in a top-of-the-line replacement rotor is what you should do once the stocker goes down. It's the most practical and economical thing to do. If you're looking for high-quality replacement rotors, you don't have to go far because they're already available here at Parts Train. Our store offers a wide selection of affordable and easy-to-install rotors that can fit almost all kinds of car make and models. Simply browse through our selections in our online catalog to find the one that's right for your ride. Unlike other stores, Parts Train delivers right away, and all you have need is a couple of minutes of browsing, and you'll be able to wrap up your shopping in a jiffy.