Car Distributor Clamps

Comedians would always say that "Timing is everything" when making people laugh. But in an engine, not having the proper timing to fire the spark plugs can make other drivers laugh hard at the sight of you pushing your ride to the shoulder. Even if it may seem trivial, a Distributor Clamp is a very essential part for keeping the proper timing of your ride. It holds the distributor in place to ensure perfect and stable ignition timing every time. Proper timing makes your car's engine run more efficiently. By giving the right amount of voltage to the spark plugs at the right time, the air-fuel mixture is burned better to create more power. More power translates to better power-to-weight ratio figures, which return more miles to a gallon. Imagine improved performance and reduced fuel consumption. Man, that's like having your cake and eating it, too! Now who wouldn't want that, right? So go and browse through PartsTrain's catalog to find the right Distributor Clamp that will hold your car's distributor in place. Choose from our high-quality products that won't drain your wallet much. Always have the perfect timing on your engine. Get your parts from PartsTrain now.