The ignition coil that is in your Pontiac Fiero is the principal component given the task of generating the power sent towards your vehicle motor, but it won't be able to perform properly without a distributor cap and rotor. The Pontiac Fiero distributor cap covers the rotor all while it operates continuously so that it can provide electric power to the spark plugs and then to the motor.

Once you examine the distributor cap, you are going to see it to be a plastic device having numerous wiring attached to it - such cables connect to the ignition plugs which burn the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders of the engine. The cap plus the distributor rotor are the main parts that make up the ignition distributor in your Pontiac Fiero; collectively, they supply the electric energy necessary for the power generation method. The distributor caps are developed to work even in severe environments, yet that doesn't mean they are protected from wearing caused by age and several other factors. The most common type of problem that the distributor cap in your Pontiac Fiero may come across with is breakage; evidence of carbon tracking might furthermore point out complications which you must address at once for you to prevent more serious problems. Once you detect the said conditions, respond immediately!

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