For your engine to generate horsepower, it needs proper-timed combusting current on the spark plugs. The ignition voltage in the engine is delivered by the ignition system. In making sure this process is effectively done, a security Peugeot 505 distributor cap is employed. The part will let the distributor rotor spin within the assembly, passing arcs of voltage onto contact points attached to an thermal resistant lines and down the plug.

The prime function of Peugeot 505 distributor cap is to shield unwanted debris from your distributor. Without this cap, damaging elements will accumulate and wear the distributor contacts. Extreme conditions in an engine system cause early wear and damage to the distributor. When this takes place, an engine is already at stake.

At the first symptom of damage shown by Peugeot 505 distributor cap, a substitute should be acquire to preserve the functions. Invest on world-class makes like Beru, Mr Gasket, and Omix that are for sale at Parts Train.