The ignition coil that is in your Nissan Pickup is the main component given the task of providing the electricity delivered into your vehicle motor, but it isn't going to function properly in the absence of a distributor cap and rotor. The said devices manage the delivery of power to the engine - the rotor is located inside your Nissan Pickup distributor cap, rotating while doing its job.

Once you inspect the distributor cap, you are going to see it to be a plastic device with different cables connected to it - these cords connect to the ignition plugs that ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine. The cap and the distributor rotor are the main items that form the ignition distributor in your Nissan Pickup; jointly, they supply the electrical energy necessary for the horse-power creation process. Even though the majority of distributor caps are tough and resilient, they're not totally protected against deterioration and breakdown - they could also yield to wear out over time. There are two common types of damage which could fall upon the distributor cap in your Nissan Pickup - the most frequent is breakage and one more is carbon tracking. Once you notice the said conditions, respond immediately!

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