It doesn't matter how powerful the automotive coil in your Nissan Micra, it will fail to deliver electrical energy to the powerplant of your ride without a good distributor that features a good distributor cap and disc. These parts manage the supply of power towards the engine - the disc is located in your Nissan Micra distributor cap, moving in circular motion throughout its operation.

If you inspect the distributor cap, you'll find it in the form of a plastic-made item with different wires linked to it - such cables connect to the spark plugs that fire up the air-fuel substance within the cylinders in the engine. The cap together with the distributor rotor are the main parts that form the distributor in your Nissan Micra; jointly, they transmit the electricity necessary for the power production process. Even though many distributor caps are robust and resilient, they aren't totally protected against deterioration and collapse - these parts may also give in to wear and tear over time. The primary kind of damage that the distributor cap in your Nissan Micra might come across with will be breaking; evidence of carbon tracking might likewise indicate complications which you need to deal with immediately so that you could prevent intense wear. Do not neglect to deal with these problems the moment they come up.

If the condition of your Nissan Micra distributor cap can't be repaired anymore, it is better if you consider acquiring a new one as an alternative - locating the right cap is not a problem here at Parts Train. All our parts are of the finest caliber, built by companies such as Behr, ACM, and Dorman - our user-friendly catalog and easy-to-navigate site will help in making purchasing those components real fun!