The electric coil that is in your Nissan D21 is the primary component given the task of generating the electricity routed to the engine, but it isn't going to work efficiently without a distributor cap and rotor. These devices manage the delivery of electricity towards the combustion chambers - the disc is found in your Nissan D21 distributor cap, rotating as it works.

If you examine the distributor cap, you'll notice it in the form of a plastic item with various cables connected to it - such cables connect to the ignition plugs which fire up the air/fuel mixture within the cylinders of the engine. Your Nissan D21 distributor unit is made up of a couple of essential devices, the distributor rotor and cap, and the harmonious working of such items enables the effective distribution of electricity needed by your vehicle's powerplant so that it could churn out more horsepower and torque. The distributor caps are built to be tough, yet that does not ensure that they're free against damage caused by the aging process along with other factors. There are two usual types of problems which could fall upon the distributor cap in your Nissan D21 - the first is cracking and yet another is carbon tracking. Don't fail to tackle such issues the minute they arise.

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