For your internal combustion engine to generate horsepower, this will need appropriately timed spark thru its spark plugs. The ignition voltage in an engine is sent by your ignition system. to guarantee this operation is effectively done, a protective Nissan Altima distributor cap is utilized. It will let the distributor rotor spin inside, sending arcs of igniting emergy onto contact points connected by thermal resistant wires and into spark plugs.

To lock away elements that harm the delivery of ignition is the prime duty of Nissan Altima distributor cap. With no cap, damaging elements will accumulate and wear your contact points. Extreme conditions in the engine system initiate premature wear and damage to a distributor. When neglected, continuous damage to the distributor will put your engine at stake.

To guarantee that the engine system is safe and working lige lasts extreme conditions, a good Nissan Altima distributor cap must be used as replacement to your original part when it shows major symptom of wear. Trust only quality brands like Forecast, Mallory, and Quinton Hazell that are available at Parts Train.