The electric coil that is in your Nissan 200sx is the primary component given the task of providing the energy routed into your vehicle motor, though it isn't going to function properly without a distributor cap and rotor. The Nissan 200sx distributor cap contains the distributor rotor while it operates continuously so that it can provide electrical power to the ignition plugs and then to the engine.

When you check the distributor cap, you will find it to be a plastic-made device having various cables attached to it - such cables connect to the ignition plugs which burn the air/fuel mix within the cylinders in the engine. The cap and the rotor are the primary items that form the distributor in your Nissan 200sx; jointly, these parts deliver the electricity required in the power generation process. The distributor caps are constructed to be tough, though that doesn't exempt them against wear caused by the aging process along with other elements. You are going to come across 2 usual kinds of issues that can fall upon the distributor cap in your Nissan 200sx - one is cracking and another is carbon tracking. Anytime you detect any of these, take action immediately!

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