No matter how efficient the ignition coil in your Mitsubishi Diamante, this part will fail to transmit electrical energy towards the powerplant of your ride in case your auto is missing a high-quality distributor having a well-performing distributor cap and rotor. The Mitsubishi Diamante distributor cap contains the disc all while it operates continuously for it to deliver power to the spark plugs and next to the engine.

When you check the distributor cap, you will find it in the form of a plastic-made item featuring different cables connected to it - the mentioned wires are directed to the ignition plugs which burn the air/fuel substance inside the cylinders in the engine. Your Mitsubishi Diamante distributor is composed of a couple of important parts, the distributor rotor and cap, and the unified working of the said components enables the effective supply of energy used by your car motor to produce power. Although most distributor caps are strong and durable, they are not totally protected against deterioration and failure - the said components can also give in to wear and tear over time. You will find two common types of issues that can beseige the distributor cap in your Mitsubishi Diamante - the first is breakage and yet another is carbon tracking. When you detect any of these, take action right away!

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