The electric coil mounted in your Mercedes Benz 500e is the main device given the task of generating the power sent towards the powerplant of your car, although it won't be able to perform properly if it does not have a distributor cap and rotor. The said parts control the distribution of electricity into the engine - the disc is housed inside your Mercedes Benz 500e distributor cap, moving in circular motion in the course of its operation.

If you inspect the distributor cap, you'll see it as a plastic-made component featuring different wires connected to it - the said cords lead to the spark plugs that ignite the air-fuel mixture within the cylinders in the engine. Your Mercedes Benz 500e electronic is made up of a pair of vital devices, the cap and rotor, and the harmonious operation of the mentioned parts permits the successful delivery of electricity utilized by your car motor to produce more horsepower and torque. Despite the fact that many distributor caps are robust and durable, they are not totally safe against damage and breakdown - these parts may also give in to wear out after a while. You will find 2 usual types of damage that might besiege the distributor cap in your Mercedes Benz 500e - the most typical is breakage and yet another is carbon tracking. Do not neglect to tackle these problems whenever they come up.

In the event that the condition on your Mercedes Benz 500e distributor cap could not be repaired anymore, then it's advised that you take into account getting an aftermarket part instead - finding the best component is convenient here at this page. Our marketed items feature the finest craftsmanship, produced by organizations such as Daiichi, ACM, and Bosch - our user-friendly catalog and easy-to-navigate site will Mercedes Benz 500e shopping for these pieces a great experience!