The electric coil that is in your Mercedes Benz 400se is the main component that's assigned in generating the electricity sent towards the engine, though it won't be able to work efficiently in the absence of a distributor cap and rotor. These components control the supply of power to the combustion chambers - the rotor is located in your Mercedes Benz 400se distributor cap, moving in circular motion as it works.

The distributor cap is made using plastic materials and it is hooked up to spark plugs via several cords that function as passages for the electricity which is utilized to burn the mixture of petrol and air into the powerplant of your vehicle. The cap together with the rotor are the principal parts that form the distributor in your Mercedes Benz 400se; collectively, they supply the electricity necessary for the horse-power production process. The distributor caps are built to be tough, but that doesn't exempt them from wearing because of the aging process along with other elements. You will find 2 standard kinds of issues that can besiege the distributor cap in your Mercedes Benz 400se - the first is cracking and one more is carbon tracking. Anytime you observe one of the two, take action at once!

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