The ignition coil that is in your Mercedes Benz 300te is the primary device responsible for producing the energy sent into your vehicle motor, but it is not going to function efficiently without a distributor cap and rotor. The mentioned parts manage the distribution of electricity to the engine cylinders - the rotor is found in your Mercedes Benz 300te distributor cap, moving in circular motion as it works.

When you inspect the distributor cap, you are going to notice it as a plastic component featuring different wiring attached to it - the mentioned cords connect to the spark plugs which ignite the air and fuel substance inside the cylinders of the engine. Your Mercedes Benz 300te distributor unit is comprised of a couple of vital components, the cap and rotor, and the joint performance of such parts allows the productive supply of electric energy needed by your car motor in generating more horsepower and torque. Despite the fact that the majority of distributor caps are strong and durable, they aren't totally immune to wearing and failure - the said components could also give in to damage over time. You are going to come across 2 common kinds of issues which could besiege the distributor cap in your Mercedes Benz 300te - the first is breakage and another is carbon tracking. Anytime you notice any of these, act right away!

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