The electric coil mounted in your Mercedes Benz 300sel is the main component responsible for producing the energy delivered towards the engine, but it won't be able to perform well if it does not have a distributor cap and disc. The Mercedes Benz 300sel distributor cap houses the distributor rotor while it rotates within to supply electricity to the spark plugs and next to the motor.

If you check the distributor cap, you'll find it in the form of a plastic-made item with different wires connected to it - these wires connect to the spark plugs which burn the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders of the engine. The cap plus the rotor are the principal components that form the automotive distributor in your Mercedes Benz 300sel; collectively, these parts transmit the electric energy necessary for the horse-power production procedure. The distributor caps are built to be tough, though that doesn't mean they are shielded from wearing as a result of age as well as many other elements. The primary form of issue which the distributor cap in your Mercedes Benz 300sel might encounter would be breakage; evidence of carbon tracking could also indicate complications which you ought to tackle right away in order to avoid worse problems. Anytime you notice the said conditions, act right away!

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