However efficient the distributor coil in your Mazda Cx-7, this part will fail to transmit electric power towards the engine without a high-quality distributor having a good distributor cap and disc. The mentioned components control the supply of power into the combustion chambers - the rotor is housed in your Mazda Cx-7 distributor cap, rotating during its operation.

The distributor cap is made from plastic materials and it is connected to ignition plugs through several cords, which serve as passageways for the power that is used to induce the burning of the mixture of gas and air to your automotive motor. The cap plus the rotor are the principal items that comprise the ignition distributor in your Mazda Cx-7; jointly, these parts deliver the electric energy necessary for the power production method. Despite the fact that the majority of distributor caps are tough and durable, they are not completely secured from damage and failure - they may also succumb to damage as time passes. You're going to come across 2 standard types of damage which could besiege the distributor cap in your Mazda Cx-7 - the first is cracking and another is carbon tracking. Do not neglect to deal with those problems the instant they come up.

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