No matter how efficient the automotive coil in your Jeep Cj6, the said component will fail to transmit electric power to your car motor if your auto doesn't have a high-quality distributor which has a well-performing distributor cap and rotor. The mentioned parts manage the delivery of electricity into the engine cylinders - the rotor is found inside your Jeep Cj6 distributor cap, spinning throughout its operation.

If you examine the distributor cap, you will see it in the form of a plastic item featuring various wiring connected to it - such cords are directed to the plugs that ignite the air/fuel substance inside the engine cylinders. Your Jeep Cj6 distributor unit is made up of a pair of important parts, the distributor rotor and cap, and the unified operation of the said items enables the successful delivery of electricity utilized by the engine in generating power. The distributor caps are built to perform even in unforgiving environments, though that doesn't mean they are shielded from wear as a result of age as well as other reasons. There are 2 common forms of damage that might beseige the distributor cap in your Jeep Cj6 - one is breakage and one more is carbon tracking. Don't fail to tackle such troubles whenever they occur.

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