Your engine combustion stroke of your vehicle is based on many things; first is the igniting energy which comes all the way from the ignition reservoir. The power is accurately delivered to spark plugs inserted in every cylinder of the engine. Moisture and heat can affect the quality of voltage distributed to the spark plugs of your engine; using the Geo Metro distributor cap will keep any of these from getting in. The part allows the distributor rotor rotate inside, delivering amounts of current to each contact point attached to an insulated wiring and into spark plugs.

To lock away particles that may prevent the delivery of igniting voltage is the main duty of Geo Metro distributor cap. With no cap, damaging elements can accumulate and ddamage your contact points. Severe conditions in your engine system cause premature wear and harm to a distributor. When neglected, permanent damage to the distributor puts the engine to risk.

To ensure that the engine system is secure and working lige is made to last extreme conditions, a dependable Geo Metro distributor cap must be fixed in place of your original device when it shows the first symptom of wear. Trust only world-class makes like AC Delco, Hypertech, and Taylor Cable that are available at Parts Train.