It doesn't matter how productive the distributor coil in your Dodge W350, this part would not deliver electric power to the engine in case your auto is lacking a good distributor which has a reliable distributor cap and disc. These parts manage the delivery of power to the engine cylinders - the distributor rotor is located within your Dodge W350 distributor cap, moving in circular motion while working.

The distributor cap is made out of plastic and it's connected to spark plugs with a number of cables that function as lines for the electricity that's utilized to burn the raw petrol and air in the powerplant of your vehicle. The cap together with the distributor rotor are the primary components that form the distributor in your Dodge W350; jointly, the mentioned components deliver the electric energy needed for the horsepower generation procedure. Despite the fact that most distributor caps are tough and long lasting, they aren't altogether safe against deterioration and failure - the said components may also succumb to wear out as time passes. You're going to come across two common types of problems that might befall the distributor cap in your Dodge W350 - the first is cracking and one more is carbon tracking. Once you detect the said conditions, respond at once!

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