However powerful the distributor coil in your Dodge Caravan, it would not transmit electricity towards the engine in case your auto is lacking a high-quality distributor having a reliable distributor cap and rotor. These parts handle the delivery of electricity towards the engine cylinders - the distributor rotor is found within your Dodge Caravan distributor cap, rotating as it works.

When you examine the distributor cap, you'll notice it as a plastic-made component with different wires connected to it - such wires lead to the ignition plugs that ignite the air/fuel substance within the engine. The cap together with the distributor rotor are the primary components that make up the ignition distributor in your Dodge Caravan; together, the mentioned components deliver the electricity necessary for the power creation method. The distributor caps are constructed for exhausting work, but that does not ensure that they're free from wearing as a result of aging and several other elements. You're going to come across two common types of problems which could befall the distributor cap in your Dodge Caravan - the most frequent is cracking and yet another is carbon tracking. Anytime you observe any of these, respond right away!

If the problem in your Dodge Caravan distributor cap can't be mended anymore, it is better if you consider getting an aftermarket item as an alternative - locating the finest part is convenient here at this page. Choose among our marketed items from organizations like Crown, YEC, AC Delco and various other leading suppliers and take advantage of easy search with our user-friendly catalog and easy-to-navigate site.