However productive the distributor coil in your Dodge Avenger, this part will fail to deliver electricity towards your car motor in case your auto is missing a high-quality distributor that features a reliable distributor cap and rotor. The Dodge Avenger distributor cap contains the rotor while it spins inside so that it could provide power to the spark plugs and then to the motor.

When you examine the distributor cap, you will find it as a plastic-made device having different wires connected to it - these cables connect to the ignition plugs that burn the air-fuel substance in the engine. The cap together with the distributor rotor are the principal items that comprise the automotive distributor in your Dodge Avenger; jointly, the said components transmit the electric energy necessary for the horse-power creation process. Although many distributor caps are strong and durable, they're not altogether immune to deterioration and breakdown - they may also succumb to wear out as time passes. There are two common types of damage that might beseige the distributor cap in your Dodge Avenger - the most typical is breakage and one more is carbon tracking. Do not forget to address these problems whenever they arise.

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