Regardless of how productive the ignition coil in your Chevrolet Astro, the said component will fail to transmit electric power to the powerplant of your vehicle in case your auto is lacking a good distributor that features a well-performing distributor cap and rotor. The Chevrolet Astro distributor cap contains the disc all while it rotates inside for it to provide electrical power to the spark plugs and next to the motor.

If you examine the distributor cap, you'll notice it in the form of a plastic component having different wires attached to it - these cables are directed to the plugs that ignite the air/fuel mix in the engine cylinders. The cap and the disc are the primary components that make up the distributor in your Chevrolet Astro; jointly, they supply the electrical energy needed for the horsepower production method. The distributor caps are built to be tough, though that does not ensure that they're free from wearing because of age and several other reasons. You will find 2 usual types of problems that might beseige the distributor cap in your Chevrolet Astro - the most typical is cracking and another is carbon tracking. Do not neglect to address those problems whenever they arise.

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