It doesn't matter how powerful the ignition coil in your Bmw , it would not transmit electrical energy towards the engine without a good distributor having a well-performing distributor cap and disc. The Bmw distributor cap contains the rotor while it spins inside so that it could supply electrical power to the spark plugs and next to the motor.

When you check the distributor cap, you'll see it to be a plastic item with different cables attached to it - these wires connect to the plugs that ignite the air and fuel mixture within the cylinders of the engine. The cap together with the distributor rotor are the main components that make up the distributor in your Bmw ; jointly, the said components deliver the electricity required in the power production procedure. The distributor caps are built to be tough, yet that doesn't mean they are protected against wearing because of aging along with many other reasons. The usual type of damage which the distributor cap in your Bmw may experience will be breaking; the presence of carbon tracking may furthermore point out problems which you need to address immediately for you to avoid intense problems. Do not forget to tackle such issues as soon as they come up.

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