However efficient the automotive coil in your Audi Quattro, the said component won't be able to send electric power into your car motor in case your auto is missing a good distributor which has a good distributor cap and disc. The Audi Quattro distributor cap houses the rotor while it rotates continuously for it to supply power to the ignition plugs and consequently to the motor.

If you inspect the distributor cap, you will notice it as a plastic-made item featuring various wires linked to it - such wires connect to the ignition plugs that fire up the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the engine. Your Audi Quattro distributor unit is made up of a couple of vital devices, the cap and disc within it, and the harmonious working of the mentioned items enables the effective distribution of energy utilized by the engine to produce power. The distributor caps are built to work even in unforgiving environments, yet that doesn't exempt them against wearing as a result of age and other reasons. You will find two usual types of problems that might beseige the distributor cap in your Audi Quattro - the most typical is cracking and yet another is carbon tracking. Don't fail to address those issues as soon as they arise.

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