Car enthusiasts always look for ways on how to make more power in their cars without spending too much money. Installing carburetors and intake manifolds, cam swaps are some of the ways these car aficionados do in their quest for power. But how often do these car aficionados take a good look at their vehicle's ignition system for performance improvements? The truth is, they don't look at it often enough. It is because we don't understand how it works, right? But if you really are a true car enthusiast, you need to know how your vehicle's ignition system works and how to tune it for superior performance.

So, are you ready? Fasten now your seatbelts and let's get started. Your Volvo ignition system delivers or supplies voltage to ignite the fuel in the automotive vehicle. It comprises of the coil, condenser, distributor, CB points, high tension cables and the spark plugs. From the moment the ignition switched is turned on, low-voltage electric current flows from the battery to the coil, converting the current to high voltage. The current then flows to the distributor, which delivers it to each of the spark plugs. After that process, the spark plugs send an igniting spark to the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chambers.

Among the parts of your Volvo ignition system, it is the Volvo distributor that handles several jobs. With the cap and the rotor, the distributor performs its job well. The coil is connected to the rotor, spinning inside the cap. Often, during a tune-up, the cap and the rotor are among those things that you replace on your engine for they wear out easily because of the arcing. The spark plugs also wear out eventually and lose some of their electrical insulation, causing engine problems.

Older distributors with breaker points have another section in the bottom half of the distributor. This part does the job of breaking the current to the coil. The ground side of the coil is connected to the breaker points. In modern ignition systems, the distributor, coil, points, and condenser have been replaced by solid-state electronics controlled by a computer. This computer controls the ignition system and adjusts it to provide maximum efficiency in different driving conditions.

Superb power and performance can be achieved if your Volvo ignition system's components, Volvo distributor in particular is free from damaged. So if you have a damaged Volvo distributor, have it replaced immediately. Find your replacement Volvo distributor here at Parts Train.