Though it is actually substituted by contemporary ignition mechanism, you will find lots of vehicles today that employ a distributor that fires cylinders by means of scheduled delivery of sparks. Your Volkswagen Super Beetle distributor is ready to do that, thanks to its two primary parts - the rotor and the cap - which count on each other to supply the current necessary to activate the engine.

A bad distributor can be solved at once since not like some other components, it always displays symptoms that pinpoint the ignition and the distributor so they are easily recognizable. Among the signs that the specific distributor in your Volkswagen Super Beetle is already damaged are difficulties in activating your vehicle especially during winter, unexplained wiggling that may vary from mild vibration to noticeable banging, and squealing sound which is normally high-pitched. You can seek to clean your distributor cap first and see if these symptoms vanish right after; when they continue to surface, replacement would be the best answer.

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