A number of automobiles on the streets nowadays still employ distributor ignition which operates via timed and sequenced supply of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Volkswagen Beetle distributor is able to do just that, many thanks to the two main components - the cap and the rotor - which count on each other to provide the voltage required to activate the engine.

Among the benefits of such sort of ignition is, it's easy to see whether the distributor begins to breakdown since the signals it gives you are linked to the vehicle's ignition. If you begin hearing squealing sound on engine startup or you experience unusual shaking during idle and difficulty in running during winter, those are signs that the distributor on your Volkswagen Beetle is now irregular. Before purchasing a brand new unit, its smart to attempt to restore the distributor's functionality by cleaning it thoroughly; nonetheless, whether or not this doesn't work, you don't have an option but to purchase a new one.

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