Even though it is actually replaced by modern ignition system, there are still many automobiles today that utilize the distributor which fires your cylinders through on time distribution of sparks. Your Toyota Cressida distributor is ready to do just that, thanks to its key components - the rotor and the cap - which depend on each other to provide the electricity required to activate the engine.

A bad distributor could be solved right away since compared to other parts, it always displays symptoms that are distributor or ignition related so they are easily recognizable. If you start hearing squealing sound on engine startup or you encounter uncommon trembling if in idle as well as issue in starting on cold mornings, these are hints that the distributor on your Toyota Cressida gets irregular. You can attempt to scrub the distributor cap initially and notice if such signs go away right after; once they continue to surface, replacement would be the very best remedy.

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