Most vehicles on the road nowadays still use distributor ignition which performs through sequenced and scheduled distribution of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Toyota Celica distributor won't be efficient at doing that if its components such as the rotor and the cap are not in tiptop shape since they are the ones that work very hard to carry high voltage from the coil towards the appropriate cylinder.

A bad distributor can be solved right away because not like other components, it always shows signs and symptoms that are associated with ignition making them easily discernable. If you start hearing squealing sound on engine startup or you experience uncommon trembling if in idle and also difficulty in starting on cold climate, those are signs that the distributor on your Toyota Celica has become irregular. You can seek to scrub your distributor cap first and notice if these symptoms vanish right after; when they still surface, then replacement would be the very best solution.

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